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I love the washing powder! It's really great. We've used it on everything. Our everyday clothes, hubby's work clothes that are covered in mud and grease most days, paint covered kindy clothes, cloth nappies, bedding, linen. . .
It's cut through all the dirt and grim and left our clothes lovely and clean. I've noticed no skin reactions but we don't tend to get them anyway off washing powder.
Oh and it dissolves really well compared to other store brought eco friendly laundry powders.
Very happy and will be buying more. Thanks

Diane - Christchurch

I used the washing powder last night and today for the first time and I love it the smell is so much fresher and my whites showed up whiter and my colors brighter and for the first time ever my teenage sons socks didn't stink after they had been washed. #winning #thankslemonandsunshine

Angela - Queensland

These dishwasher tablets are amazing. We've been using them for a week and our dishes are so much cleaner than using the supermarket tablets. We'll be repeat customers for sure!

Maria - Christchurch

Very happy with all my lemon and sunshine stuff! Love the dishwasher tablets!

Jolene - Invercargill

Just purchased your toilet bombs and Spray Away this morning and have used immediately. I am so impressed! Can't believe the gunk that came off the toilet with the brush after leaving the bomb to fizz! And the spray worked really well. Total convert here looking forward to seeing how the laundry powder fares now - just put the load in! Awesome products

Briarne - New Zealand
Spray Away Concentrate, just refill your old bottles!

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