Toilet Fizzy Bombs

Toilet Fizzy Bombs?                            Sounds like something extreme doesn't it!

People get curious and chuckle as they come up to me and ask "What are Toilet Fizzy Bombs? what do they do?"

Simply put, they are fizzing bombs of power that clean your loo. Plop (excuse me!) one into your bowl and watch it lightly fizz away until it sits to rest as a powder on the bottom.

Made up of Baking Soda, Citric Acid and a blend of  Tea tree, Pine and Eucalyptus essential oils I can personally garauntee that your toilet will never be the same after using these.

The fizzing acitivity is the part of the bomb that activates the cleaning frenzy, it grabs at the hard stuff thats been stuck on. The Baking soda and citric acid are abrasive enough to break it away and break it down. The essential oils are antibacterial and kill any nasties harbouring away, including kicking smells out of the way.

It has been well over a year since I started using mine. I threw out my toilet duck, bought a nice glass jar for the bathroom and stocked my fizzy bombs in there. They look neat! they smell great and guess what.....



I leave mine in overnight, it creates a protective layer in the bowl and my kids (who don't flush in the dark!) can do their business without me needing to look at that horrible brownish yellow marking that used to sit there after a couple of days. One flush in the morning and its all gone away, never to be thought about again.

It's almost fun going to the toilet!

I store mine in a glass container, sealed, to keep it as fresh as I can for as long as I can, however, because these beauties are pure and not altered by any chemicals the colour will fade over time and so will the smell.

However! they will still work just as amazingly as they would on the first day so you can continue to use any long after the prettiness has gone.

I can't tell you the amount of times I have had people tell me that even after using bleach, coca cola or scrubbing hard that nothing has removed their toilet "gunk" until they used the Toilet Fizzy Bombs. I love that something so natural is doing such a fantastic job!

It's too easy!

Get rid of your plastic toilet bleach, get cute and add our Toilet Fizzy Bombs to your bathroom.

Oh... and for extra easy cleaning, check out our Toilet fizzy powder too..... just sprinkle around the bowl and under the rim and scrub away!