Toilet Fizzy Powder
Toilet Fizzy Powder

Toilet Fizzy Powder

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Made from the same ingredients as the Toilet fizzy bombs, this powder is made for those who like to be able to sprinkle it around the bowl and under the rim for that extra clean. This powder will fizz more than the bombs will as more of it gets in contact with the actual bowl and can react to the germs sitting there.

Simply sprinkle around, leave for a minute or two, for extra stubborn stains spray either water or Spray Away on top of the Powder. Wet your brush and scrub away. You'll be left with that fresh clean feeling knowing no chemicals were used in the sanitation of your toilet.

Comes in a 500gm bag. Please store in a sealed container to maintain freshness of product.

Ingredients: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Blue Food Colouring, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree & Pine Essential Oils.