Silver Sanitiser Spray 50ml

Silver Sanitiser Spray 50ml

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Nothing beats washing your hands with soap and water. Period. Its the only way to effectively deal with bugs and germs. Soap is the one thing that can pop the viral bubble of Covid-19 and hands down is the only solution to dealing with this sickness.

However, there are times when you need something to help you out and you just dont have access to soap.

our Hand Sanitizer Spray is made with Aloe Vera juice, Witch hazel, Water, Colloidal Silver (60%), a combination of Essential Oils with antibacterial properties such as Thieves and Eucalyptus

Colloidal Silver is well known for its amazing anti bacterial and anti viral properties -

Thieves is a combination of essential oils that helped protect robbers in the early 20th century when the Plague was about. They stole from people who were sick or dead and kept themselves healthy and alive whilst pillaging from their misfortune. It didn't help protect them from the law however and thanks to Thieves essential oil they remained alive long enough to be caught!

Spray a light mist across any surface and allow it to dry. To better apply, wipe with a clean paper towel to spread formula more evenly. For hands, spray on both hands and rub hands together until dry.

Can also be sprayed onto your facemask to add another layer of protection.

Do not store near magnetic items or use anything metal otherwise the silver particles lose their positive charge.

As with all our products it comes in amber bottles which help protect the essential oils, leaving them to do what they do best.

Due to supply issues from the lockdown period our bottles will vary in stock and will be replaced as and when they become available.

The 50ml bottle comes with a mist sprayer lid

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