About Us

When it all began

Hi, I'm Jo the owner of Lemon and Sunshine, Wife to Jason, Mother to my 4 children and in May 2018 after having made my own all natural dishwashing product for my family and for friends I decided to advertise them for sale online. The response was astounding and we received order after order.

People came back for more, extremely satisfied with the results, having told their friends and this encouraged us to bring out more all natural cleaning products.



I had to choose a name for my business and right off the top of my head came the name "Lemon & Sunshine"

This made sense to me because both are natural sanitizers and both make you feel fresh and clean. I rolled with it and away we went!


Lemon & Sunshine began doing markets and meeting customers, educating people on just how easy it was to clean with all natural products and the major benefits of not using toxic cleaners. Again, we were inundated with customers wanting more and were regulars at the weekly market. We also began to sell online and had our website up and running.


We were having so much fun doing what we loved and seeing people start to make small but significant changes in their homes.


My family's health continued to improve as we replaced cleaning product after cleaning product in our own home. My son's asthma, which had been considered severe, reduced from multiple hospital visits to being manageable at home and now non existent, all within a very short timeframe. If we found a need in our home I would seek to make it myself and use it at home first, then test it out on others and gather information on how to tweak it to best suit its purpose. A little more baking soda here, a little less citric acid there until I was satisfied I had an effective cleaning product. Every product I sold was born out of a need and best of all, it worked!

After a knee injury meant putting my business on hold for a short time, I took that time to focus on my priorities with the business and removed some products that I could no longer make with an injury. I added other products and went on to redesign the brand. 


I have an amazingly supportive family and without them I couldn't do what I do. Without YOU I wouldn't do what I do. I make everything from my own heart, from the plants I grow in my garden being infused into the oils to the liquid soap I make in my crockpot, I box and bag everything up myself and sometimes a small pair of hands might be involved too!

Made by our family, for yours.